South Valley Organics, Inc. is located in Gilroy, California, within the current permitted footprint of the Recology Pacheco Pass landfill. South Valley Organics composts green waste and food waste material from the residents in the South Bay Area. South Valley Organics currently receives feedstock from the following sources:

South Valley Organics, Inc. processes nearly 20,000 tons of organic feedstock each year. The site utilizes the "Ag-Bag" composting system for food waste composting, which provides the optimum environment for the composting green waste material. The "Ag-Bag" system also helps control run-off and odor emissions created during the composting process.

South Valley Organics, Inc.The process begins by grinding the materials for size reduction. The ground material is then placed into an "Ag-Bag". The material is continually aerated within the bag using high volume blowers to aid in the aerobic digestion process. The food waste material remains in the bag for up to 60 days and is then removed and cured in an open-air windrow for an additional 30 days. Once curing is complete, the material is screened to various sizes and is ready for sale.

South Valley Organics, Inc.'s quality assurance program includes routine nutrient, metal, and pathogen analysis to ensure a high quality, consistent product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.

Hours of Operation

7:30 AM - 3:30 PM